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An introduction to Baby Massage

Massage is medicine. It is both preventative and curative and one of the most useful skills a parent can acquire. Massage will help your baby to thrive. It is an excellent way for parents to give their babies the best possible start in life.

Our need to be touched continues throughout life but in infancy, during the pre-verbal period, it is at its most intense. Touch is your baby's prime means of communication. Your touch tells your baby he is loved and wanted. Massage is an enjoyable way to get to know your baby and establish a loving, trusting relationship. It introduces a unique level of confidence and relaxation that is reflected in the health and nature of your child.

Massage is not something you do to your baby, but something you do WITH him.

Knowing the movements that babies make - or are able to make - you can ensure through playful practice that flexibility is maintained as your infant strengthens. The even development of strength and flexibility is the essence of good posture. Although helping a child to sit, stand and walk is an everyday part of childcare, the child leans in months what took humankind millions of years to develop; the importance of how you help should not be overlooked.

The combined benefits of developmental massage and a flexible well-balanced body offer your child physical, intellectual and emotional benefits and for you it offers the best possible way to set your child on his or her own two feet a the start of the road to independence.