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  • to help improve the well-being of parents and their infants.

Why Touch is Important

It has been scientifically proven that touch is the most developed sense at birth and the prime means of communication for a newborn. To a baby, touching is talking. 'Touch is the primary language of newborns,' says Peter Walker, internationally respected baby massage expert. 'By touching your baby, you're telling him that he's wanted and loved.'

Dr Ashley Montague, distinguished anthropologist and author of numerous books on the state of the mother-infant relationship, states 'The infant's need for body contact is compelling. If that need is not adequately satisfied, even though all other needs are adequately met, he or she will suffer.' (Touching: The Human Significance of Skin).

Frederick Leboyer, renowned Obstetrian, adds to this: 'Being held, touched and caressed is like food to the baby, food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins.' (Loving Hands - the Traditional Art of Baby Massage).