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Baby Through Massage
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Why Touch is Important
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Baby Massage Courses
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  • teaching the techniques of Baby Massage
  • throughout West London
  • to help improve the well-being of parents and their infants.

Baby Massage Courses
  • Courses suitable for babies from 8 weeks to pre-crawling
  • Courses consist of four lessons
  • Each class lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Parents learn a combination of massage strokes - that help their babies secure strength flexibility, strength and suppleness - the three main attributes of good health
  • Specific strokes are also shown that help with congestion, colic and other ailments of infancy
  • Massage oil is be provided but parents are free to bring their own if they prefer
  • Parents need to bring a thick towel, baby blanket, nappies and wet wipes
  • Course notes are provided so that parents can practice at home, following step-by-step instructions
  • Time is given at the end of every class for parents to exchange ideas, gain support from interacting with each other and get any individual help they may require

For further information please contact Susan Braithwaite on 07810 648 035 or email