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  • teaching the techniques of Baby Massage
  • throughout West London
  • to help improve the well-being of parents and their infants.

Company Background Information


Caring4Baby was formed in 2004 by Susan Braithwaite to help improve the well-being of parents and their babies. It focuses on postnatal needs of mothers and their infants - aiming to provide support, encouragement, advice, information through a variety of activities from baby massage courses to mothers discussion groups.

Susan Braithwaite was trained by Peter Walker. She teaches baby massage to new mothers throughout West London. She has written several articles on the importance of touch as a prime means of communication for parents and their newborn. She is married with two children and lives in Surrey.

Peter Walker

Peter has spent the past twenty years pioneering the practice of massage for babies and soft gymnastics are being recognised as invaluable for babies and infants, especially those with cerebral palsy and other special needs.

Peter gives workshops throughout the UK and abroad for health visitors, neonatal nurses, midwives and others in the medical profession. He worked for many years with the Birth Unit at the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth and the Active Birth Centre in London. Peter has written ten books and produced seven videos. He teaches both in the UK and abroad and recently opened two Massage Centres - one in Japan and one in Australia.

Peter has made numerous radio and television appearances, been on breakfast shows on all major channels and been interviewed by Frank Bough, Anne Diamond, Richard and Judy, Emma Freud and others. He has given talks on BBC Radio One, Radio Wales and many regional stations as well as frequently being featured or quoted in articles for Woman, Cosmopolitan, Woman, Guardian, The Observer, The Times and Japan Times as well as most mother and baby magazines.