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  • teaching the techniques of Baby Massage
  • throughout West London
  • to help improve the well-being of parents and their infants.



Abigail and I both thoroughly enjoy baby massage with Susan. It is relaxing for both of us but its also fun and creates some very special one to one time. Susan not only instructs in massage techniques but helps you understand how they benefit your baby, what to use when, and is full of useful tips and advice on baby care and development.

Did the course meet your expectations?

  • Yes, in fact it exceeded my expectations
  • More than met them. It has been the best post-natal course I've done.
  • Totally. My son is a different baby now and we both looked forward to each session.
  • Absolutely - though I was slightly disappointed that Poppy became so relaxed so kept falling asleep and couldn't enjoy it as much as I did!

How did you find the course content?

  • Really good and informative, especially in how to also look after mum!
  • Very interesting. I expected it to just be about massage but got so much more.
  • The information was really good and it was excellent to have all the additional paperwork as backup.

How did you find the teaching?

  • Fab! Very hands on and interactive.
  • Excellent! Done with caring and understanding.
  • Very good - easy to understand and follow.

(All the above testimonials can be verified!)